The Voice - Pastor Kevyn's Monthly Newsletter

May 2020

Dear members and friends of Valley Park,

It has been a long time in isolation from all of you. I know the isolation has saved lives. At the same time, it is unfortunate that it is hurting people financially. There is good and bad with everything that is going on. Thank God we live in one of the best countries in the world where there is the greatest potential for recovery. We need to be grateful, prayerful and optimistic about the future. God is good and will provide for His children.

In regard to prayer, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the virus ran its course and simply died. Imagine a month with no new cases and no deaths as a result of COVID-19. Let’s pray that God will quickly quench this virus so we can safely return to the freedom we once knew of life in public without concern for the virus.

We continue to manage the Food Pantry with over 140 picking up food last Wednesday. The number of people coming increase every week. We always need help sorting and distributing as there are so many boxes of food now being delivered to feed the number of people who show up. Make sure you wear your mask, gloves and sanitize regularly if you choose to come and help.

Also, we believe this is an unprecedented opportunity to share the love of Jesus with people we would never meet if not for the pantry. It is an opportunity to love people in the name of Jesus. The chalked lines with six-foot distancing give opportunity to talk to each individual coming for food. Please pray that we make a difference that has eternal implications in the name of Jesus. There is more going on in the pantry effort than food.

I have enjoyed Bible studies via Remember that you can connect to both of these two studies and fellowship times during the week. The pass code to access these meetings is the same every week. Please contact me to get the code. Go to and click “Join a Meeting.”

I do want to encourage you to try joining a zoom meeting. As you learn to use it, you will discover that it is a tool that helps us find fellowship with each other. We all need the social interaction. It is healthy. It is the will of Jesus.

I also want parents with youth to encourage their youth to utilize the Zoom meetings being coordinated by Joey, our youth minister, on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. You can phone Joey (818) 815-8210 to get the Meeting ID’s. Our youth will be encouraged by the Bible studies and fellowship. They, as do we, need interaction with our Christian community during this time of social isolation. I join the Thursday night meeting every week and am both learning and enjoying the youth interacting with the Word of God.

Communion Sunday:

One of my great concerns in this time of social isolation is losing the rhythm of fellowship and staying in touch with each other. We are the Body of Christ. We are the Family of God. We are the Brethren of Christ Jesus, our Savior.

This is the first Sunday of the month and the time when we share communion with each other. Communion, a remembrance of the Last Supper of Jesus with His disciples, is a celebration of our unity under the shed blood of Jesus that provides forgiveness of sins. Communion celebrates our oneness in Christ.

While we are not going to be together in person this Sunday, May 3, we can be together in Spirit by taking communion and remembering our oneness together at the end of the “live streamed” service. Gather elements from your kitchen that symbolically represent the Body and Blood of Jesus and join us after my morning message to share communion at the same time.

If you cannot join with us at the same moment in time Sunday, then share communion when your family or friends at some other more convenient time during the week. Think about and pray for the Valley Park Family of God while taking the symbols representing the Body and Blood of Jesus.

  • Use the words of Matthew 26:26-30 to guide your communion remembrance.

So, at some point in this first week of May, we are all celebrating our unity until we meet again. I hope a little time of focus upon what the elements of communion celebrate will be an encouragement to you, no matter where you are.

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Kevyn

May Birthdays:

May 2 – Marcus Green, and Julia Honles
May 3 – Meghan Robinson
May 4 – Jehan Eugenio (Ludy Crizaldo’s daughter) and Rigoberto Govea
May 6 – Jamie Navarro (youth)
May 8 – Ann Jones
May 11 – Kreshell Ramey
May 14 – Dan Han
May 15 – Sebastian Paz (Victor and Raquel’s youngest son), and Camille Ramirez
May 21 – Jesse Hallak
May 23 – Megan Lavachek
May 25 – Dilcia Junior
May 27 – Silvia Junior
May 28 – Landry Barb