March 2018

Hello members and friends of VP, We are one month away from Easter Sunday when we celebrate the greatest event in the history of mankind. That is, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of our faith and reason for our devotion … Read more

February 2018

Dear members and friends of VP, I write this Voice article to talk about our Christian response to the angry and judgmental political climate that is dominating our news. I have, from the pulpit, encouraged a positive attitude based upon the balance of power represented by the Executive, the Legislative … Read more

December 2017

Dear members and friends of VP, Christmas is devoted to celebrating the birth of Jesus and rededicating ourselves to serving Him as our risen Savior and Lord. This is a reflection of our commitment to Jesus as God incarnate. “Incarnation” is the belief that God dwelt among us. Last month’s … Read more

November 2017

Dear members and friends of VP, I am excited that the Gospel of John has become a priority study at VP this past month. The women are studying it on Monday evenings. We, all are welcome, are studying it on Wednesday evenings at our mid-week Bible study. And I am … Read more

October 2017

Dear members and friends of VP, My mind is daily thoughtful of those who are suffering from the damage done by natural disasters and a growing concern for a divided America. The damage done to human lives by earthquakes and hurricanes is frightening and discouraging. The division in America over … Read more

September 2017

Dear Members and Friends of VP, The last three months we have looked at the significance of the Book of Ephesians in relation to understanding God’s intentions for the Church. Paul explains how God has high aspirations for the Body of Christ which is designated to represent His will for … Read more

August 2017

Dear Members and Friends of Valley Park, Thirty years of evangelism, defending the gospel, being a student of the Old Testament, and learning from Jesus Christ equipped the Apostle Paul to write a summary of the basics of Christian belief and practice. The Book of Ephesians stands as Paul’s most … Read more

July 2017

Dear members and friends of Valley Park, In the June VOICE article I articulated the importance of the Book of Ephesians to our Christian understanding. The Apostle Paul, after almost 30 years of ministry, had time while under house arrest in Rome, to write a condensed expression of the Christian … Read more

June 2017

Dear members and friends of VP, My study of Ephesians with the men of VP has dramatically impacted my understanding of God’s will for every Christian. A summary of the benefits received by every Christian as a result of what Jesus Christ has done for us is listed in Ephesians … Read more

May 2017

Dear members and friends of VP, It is wonderful to think Valley Park has maintained a ministry in North Hills for 60 years. We are celebrating a ministry that has lasted the test of time and continues to make a difference. “Purpose Statements” for churches are articulated in a variety … Read more