Men's Bible Study

Saturday Mornings at 9 am in the Conference Room

The Pastor and Men meet every Saturday morning at 9 am for fellowship and Bible study. Regular study of the Bible is a priority for the men as they learn from Jesus and build encouraging relationships with each other. Men are welcome on Saturday mornings no matter where they go to church. We enjoy a cup of coffee with the brethren on Saturdays no matter whether or not we can attend consistently. It meets our need for love and encouragement to know that we prioritize Saturday mornings.

Current Study

The topic over the past months and into the near future is understanding the teachings of Jesus that are unique to Him. The exploration involves obedience to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). In the Great Commission, Jesus gave two instructions to His disciples necessary for the making of disciples: Baptize them and ... teach them to obey Jesus. The men are reading the gospels to discover the teachings of Jesus that are uniquely His. Careful reading of the Gospels will be the focus of the men's group until the summer months.