The Voice: PK's Monthly Newsletter

June 2022

Dear members and friends of Valley Park, June is the month we review, adjust and present our Church Budget (Sunday, June 12)  to members for review and approval (Sunday, June 26 at 5 p.m. in the Sanctuary). I am happy to report in advance that our budget is stable and we … Read more

May 2022

Dear members and friends of Valley Park, Our Palm Sunday Service, our celebration of the Last Supper, and our celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus were amazing this year. We had the best attendance in all three services in years and I believe we displayed that the spirit of Valley … Read more

March 2022

Dear Members and Friends of VPC, I am very encouraged about our life groups. There have been healthy gatherings of 6 to 10 people per group in six separate groups. I believe the studies are very meaningful. Considering close to 40 members and friends of the church are involved, I … Read more

February 2022

Dear Members and Friends of VPC, Let’s celebrate the “Family of God” and rededicate ourselves to gathering together again on a regular basis. It is one of the consequences of the pandemic that we have grown accustomed to more isolation from each other and the church. We need to embrace … Read more

January 2022

Dear members and friends of VPC, It is a New Year!!! I hope there are some new and improved things to consider for people world-wide in 2022. I personally hope for more love and respect than we witnessed in America in 2021. If I had a voice, I would vote … Read more

December 2021

Dear members and friends of VPC, Make sure you welcome Kye Harris as our worship leader this month and into January. We are praying that he enjoys being a part of our Valley Park Church family and is a good fit for the future of Valley Park. He loves Jesus … Read more