The Voice: PK's Monthly Newsletter

April 2020

Dear members and friends of Valley Park, It has been a challenging and concerning month for our Valley Parker’s, family, friends, community, city, country and world. I know many of you are following the news and that there is not much of anything else to follow that is of equal … Read more

March 2020

Dear members and friends of Valley Park, As I am writing this I am thinking of a “Newcomer’s Dinner” this Saturday (Feb. 29). For those of you reading this the dinner is a past event. But the relevance of what the dinner involved is not. It was for the purpose … Read more

February 2020

Hello, members and friends of Valley Park, In the month of February, 2020, we will officially complete the “Rooted” experience. That is, we did six weeks of devotions and small group meetings up to Thanksgiving, 2019. And we are now completing four weeks of devotions with small group meetings from … Read more

January 2020

Dear members and friends of Valley Park, The New Year offers opportunity to reflect on the past and consider changes in the year to come. We often have things we remember in history and in our lives that we associate with years. We have opportunity this coming year to associate … Read more

“Mary, Did You Know?” – Special Christmas Performance

December 2019

Dear members and friends of Valley Park, Remembering the significance of Jesus Christ’s birth is one of the most God-honoring things a Christian can do every year. It does require thoughtfulness about how God’s plans to save the world from the consequences of sin and death were fulfilled in the … Read more